Month: April 2019

Swing Trading is Low Maintenance, Low Stress

Swing Trading is the epitome of Backpack Trading. You can do this from anywhere.  It only requires a few minutes per day. My colleague Rick Stambaugh has become quite the Spotlight Power Trader expert...Read More

Secret to Making More Money – Not What you Expected

This is actually a non secret to making more money.  But first, a few podcasts ago, I made a proclamation to the world that I was going to shed some pounds. My reason for doing so is directly connecte...Read More

My Favorite Trade — Head Fakes Make Money

My favorite trade is a counter intuitive, trader trade, where I wait for a head fake and then take the big move that typically happens in the opposite direct.  In fact, I gave a spontaneous clinic on ...Read More

Simple Trade Technique that Stacks the Odds in Your Favor

This simple trade technique is nothing new, but many people probably don’t know about it.  I showed it yesterday during my Wealth365 presentation and in fact, jumped on a trade about 30 minutes ...Read More

Options Trade of the Week 4/10/19 – NVDA

Markets have continued their massive rally since the beginning of the year. Over the last 3 months we have seen the Nasdaq names lead the charge which has been due to movement in many of the technolog...Read More

Tools for the Backpack Trader

For those of us that can’t track the markets all day long, having access to different tools that allow us to manage our trades from the road is essential. Fortunately, the advancement of technology ov...Read More

Are new all time market highs coming?

The market has been a run away train on the upside since the end of December. We are now a stones throw away from all time highs which is a phenomenal reversal off the lows from late last year. Now th...Read More

Crude Oil and Houston – But Don’t CALL Me Houston!

Crude Oil was on fire again this week, not literally, but as a day trading instrument.  Our Weekly Crude Oil Report Session won again.  Unfortunately for me, I was on checking through airport security...Read More