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A Trading Interview with my Friend Casey Stubbs

A trading interview with my friend Casey Stubbs happened recently.  I wanted to share it again with you here.  We hit on a lot of topics important to me all about trading.  I hope to do another tradin...Read More

Accurate Trade Targets from Dancing with the Market

Accurate Trade Targets Result from Dancing with the Market as you can see from today’s live Crude Oil Inventory Report Session. Whether you are trading with Spotlight Master Suite, Counter Punch...Read More

Best Backtesting Techniques with the 3 Step Sniff Test

Best backtesting techniques begin with the ‘3 Step Sniff Test.’  I pulled out a video from our archives that best describes how to do it and why.  This is a skill worth learning and will s...Read More

Live Traderoom Replay Focusing on the CPX2.0

Here’s a live traderoom replay focusing on the CPX2.0.  Today we hit all our goals with the Spotlight Master Suite rather quickly.  You can see the trades in the video below. Markets like Crude ...Read More