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Forex Profits Keep Growing Strong

Our Forex Profits are growing strong for our Greatest Hits, Spotlight FX Alerts members.  On our one year anniversary we were up over +9000 pips from the same date a year earlier. With all this crazy ...Read More

Following your Trade Plan is Critical to your Success

Following your trade plan sounds easy, right?  Sometimes it’s easier said than done, even for professional traders. But having a trade plan and following it is one of the most important things t...Read More

5 Minutes Crude Oil Winner Trade

If we had to describe our Crude Oil report trade plan with one word, it would be consistent. Everyone can agree that consistency is key! especially if you want to succeed as a trader. In fact, there&#...Read More

Profitable Crude Oil Trade Plan Delivers Again

Our consistent crude oil trade plan delivered us fast and efficient trades today. We were able to end our holiday shortened week with a bang! My favorite tradeplan of the week gave us the chance to ro...Read More

Forex Trades are Hitting Home Runs

Forex trades are setting up while others are trailing for big home run gains.  In the last post I showed some that were happening.  Here’s an update. Cancel the EURJPY long setup. That trade has...Read More