The Backpack Trader is a symbol of why we trade in the first place. It represents absolute freedom. Being able to come and go as we please, travel anywhere we want, stay at home and trade from the comfort of our own sofa, whatever.

The Backpack Trader reminds us that our reason for trading is to gain financial freedom so that we can live the lifestyle we want to live.

This blog is dedicated to help you achieve that goal and show you the necessary steps you need to take to reach your own financial goals so that you too, can become your own personal version of the Backpack Trader.

Who is the Backpack Trader?

The Backpack Trader is anyone who wants to call their own shots in life. Whether you want to fire your boss, change your life, create income to empower yourself to achieve whatever you wish to do, or just want to sit on the couch drinking beer and eating pizza, the Backpack Trader has the freedom to do whatever he or she pleases.

Backpack Traders are able to pull treasure out of the market on a steady and consistent basis. They do so for the sole purpose of making money. They understand though that the goal of making money is a means to a greater end.  With sufficient money, the Backpack Trader has the freedom to live the kind of life they WANT to live and not the live the HAVE to live.

Anyone can be a Backpack Trader. All it takes is the desire, commitment to oneself to achieve it, and a step by step road map to follow to become it. You must offer the desire and the commitment, we will provide the step by step pathway to get there.


What Impact Has Trading Made on Your Life & Finances?

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