Our Crude Oil Futures Report session was another winner this week.  As you probably all know by now, I usually like to trade the Counter Punch Trader, because it finishes so fast.  This week it did not disappoint.  It was in, out and done very quickly.

I decided to trade Spotlight Power Trader though.  Over time, Spotlight is more profitable trading the crude oil futures report.  I mean, they are both profitable, but Spotlight gains more over time.  It just requires trading a bit longer.

This week, Counter Punch was finished before Spotlight even got its first setup.  It wound up with a winning session as well, but it required two trades.  And, probably because I decided to switch my strategy this week, it was not as profitable as Counter Punch.  The trade gods sure love irony!

See how our crude oil futures report traded to winning sessions with both strategies in this video replay of our live traderoom

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