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Jan 13, 2020

  January 13, 2020 Field Guide To The 12 Powers Have you always wished there was some resource that boiled-down the essential components of trading into an easy-to-understand format? Well, I'm here to let you [...]

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Swing Trading Forex Takes the Least Amount of Time

Swing trading forex is one of the best ways to trade currencies while also providing very compelling additional benefits.  First, it only takes a few minutes per day.  We like using daily charts, which literally [...]

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5 Minutes Crude Oil Winner Trade

If we had to describe our Crude Oil report trade plan with one word, it would be consistent. Everyone can agree that consistency is key! especially if you want to succeed as a trader. In [...]

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Profitable Crude Oil Trade Plan Delivers Again

Our consistent crude oil trade plan delivered us fast and efficient trades today. We were able to end our holiday shortened week with a bang! My favorite tradeplan of the week gave us the chance [...]