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Proven Trade Plan Wins Today with 2 Trades

Our Proven Trade Plan Wins Today with 2 Trades during our long running Crude Oil Inventory Report session this morning.  See how we did it with the edited video below. The price action was downright [...]

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Strategic Moving Average Trading Techniques

Strategic moving average trading techniques are well worth any trader's time and effort.  There are so many different ways to use them however.  The question always comes up -- which ones? I would go so [...]

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The Best Way to Trade Forex

The best way to trade forex is with a capable trade manager interface that can do everything you want it to do.  Most traders are still using MT4 to trade forex.  This is such an [...]

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Trading Ten Minutes a Day with the CPX2.0

Trading ten minutes a day is our preferred way to trade and we can accomplish that with the CPX2.0.  For those of you who either can't or do not want to daytrade, you can swing [...]

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How to Trade Options with the Powerful CPX2.0

How to trade options with the powerful CPX2.0 is actually easier than one might think.  I have created a short, 3 part video series on exactly that.   The CPX2 is so versatile that it works [...]

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Live Traderoom Replay Focusing on the CPX2.0

Here's a live traderoom replay focusing on the CPX2.0.  Today we hit all our goals with the Spotlight Master Suite rather quickly.  You can see the trades in the video below. Markets like Crude Oil, [...]

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Simple Trading Strategies are the Most Profitable

Simple trade strategies are the most profitable, usually because one could learn them, master them, and execute them without mistakes.  The more advanced a strategy, the more likely it is to make mistakes which can [...]