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Profitable Crude Oil Trade Plan Delivers Again

Our profitable crude oil trade plan delivered us fast and efficient profits today.  We were able to end our holiday shortened week with a bang! My favorite tradeplan of the week gave us the chance [...]

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GBPJPY is Short Again

The GBPJPY has been heading lower but more importantly, our special 4 hour chart swingtrade plan has just won 5 trades in a row.  It just got short again.  Will it have enough juice in [...]

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Forex Trades are Hitting Home Runs

Forex trades are setting up while others are trailing for big home run gains.  In the last post I showed some that were happening.  Here's an update. Cancel the EURJPY long setup. That trade has [...]

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Forex Swing Trade Follow Up

Forex Swing Trade Follow up post About eleven days ago, I posted some current forex swing trade examples that were either setting up or already in progress. I thought I would give you an update, [...]

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GBPJPY Tradeplan Winning 86%

This GBPJPY tradeplan with the Counter Punch Trader will not be stopped.  I showed this trade the other day as it was in progress. Check out how it's doing now.  This thing just keeps on [...]

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Forex Swing Trades Setting Up

Forex Swing trades that we're looking at are as follows.  Trading is risky and this is not meant to be construed as financial or trading advice.  These are meant for educational purposes only. Short GBPJPY [...]