The OptionStation Pro platform has become an excellent platform for options traders.   Our friends at Tradestation, just held a special training for our membership yesterday.  Below is the replay video.

Tradestation loves Netpicks Trading members! So much so that they will host special private training sessions for our members.

Why do they love our members so much? Simply because our members tend to succeed at a higher rate than non members.

They’ve known this for a long time. That’s why they will give our members a commission rebate up to the full price of the cost of what that member paid for one of our strategies, courses or subscriptions.

Tradestation pays for it, in other words. They also have the best charts and in my humble opinion, having the best charts is a big Duh!

I have created many successful strategies that are being used by thousands of traders in over 100 countries. All my best strategies were created on Tradestation.

This is not meant to be a Tradestation commercial, but doesn’t it make sense to use the platform that is native to such great strategies as Spotlight Power Trader, Counter Punch Trader, Trend Jumper or Seven Summits Trader? Doesn’t it make even more sense to have Tradestation pay for it — buy it for you?

This is one of the biggest no brainers known to man!  Let Tradestation pay for our great strategies for YOU.  Now that does sound like a commercial but regardless, it IS a no brainer!  🙂