One big secret to Trading Success can be found in our 12 Powers ebook; “the power of dynamic setups.”  All 12 powers are important but in this post I want to focus on this one specific power.

As we all know, the world is a forever changing place.  Price action reflects what is happening in the world with every tick in every market.  Trade setups that can react to the ever changing ebb and flow of price action are paramount to trading an evergreen strategy.

Evergreen is one big secret to trading success.  All that means is that a strategy will continue to be effective no matter how the world changes or how markets react to whatever is pushing them up or down.

The best evergreen strategies are working as well today as they did years ago.  But what makes a trading strategy ‘evergreen?’  The answer of course is the ability for a trade setup to adjust itself in real time.  I often refer to this as being able to ‘dance with the market.’

Here are three examples that show this one big secret to trading success in action with real trades.  These trades were called out to our Spotlight FX Alerts subscribers in real time.  You will notice how each trade is a different size, which makes for some uncanny, accurate targets.

One big secret to trading success can be seen in these three charts, the first being the GBPAUD.   Within 3 days of triggering in, look how close the price has already come to hitting its first target for over +300 pips

In this 2nd example, the GBPJPY hit its first target perfectly as well, within just 2 days of triggering in.

Finally, this current trade in the USDCHF barely missed a near perfect 3rd target, already scoring hundreds of pips of profit as we scaled out of the first two targets.

Of course, these are impressive trades, all currently in progress.  Each one used the same great strategy, the Counter Punch Trader, which finds proven price patterns and then projects highly accurate targets and stops.

How does it do this?  It uses a special multiplier to calculate the targets based on proven price action patterns.  In so doing, it has proven to be an evergreen strategy.  Best of all, the same approach works on forex, futures, equities, day trading and swing trading.  It doesn’t matter.

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