Proven Tradeplans make money.  Random trades do not.  That’s one of the great secrets to successful trading.

It’s all about proven tradeplans. That’s what gets you to becoming your own version of the Backpack Trader.  Freedom, lifestyle, all the good stuff.   There were some good lessons to learn from yesterday’s session pertaining to our theme.

I decided to post this recap of yesterday’s trades as seen in our live trading room so you can see the consistent performance of some of our mainstay, proven tradeplans with the Spotlight Power Trader.

We’ve been trading and calling these exact charts live in the traderoom for years. The same charts. The same strategy. These are excellent examples of proven tradeplans that are evergreen, and that continue to work and grow equity.

Learn it once, use it for a lifetime. Random trades produce random results. Winning, proven tradeplans produce winning results. There are some losing trades inside of winning tradeplans.

Our goal is to quit with a positive result a vast majority of the time, while controlling our drawdown with minimal and efficient trading. See how its done with this short excerpt from the live traderoom.

Proven Tradeplans Make Money.  Random Trades Do Not.

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