Trading Abroad vs Trading from Home

I’d rather be trading abroad if given the choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live and trading at home is definitely not something I plan no giving up anytime soon.

While others are stuck in horrible Bay Area traffic for 10 or more hours per week, my biggest obsticle is not stubbing my toe as I navigate the dangerous commute down the hallway to my office.

I’ve received requests for some photos from this lovely tropical wonderland I’ve been working from this week.  You’ll see them below.

In the meantime, I recorded some thoughts for you in my latest podcast which you can listen to right here.  It’s only a few minutes long about trading abroad vs trading from home.

Trading Abroad vs Trading from Home

You’ll see an earlier post with some amazing daytrades our basic Spotlight Power Trader tradeplan produced with Crude Oil this week.

Swing trading is another great way to go.  My colleague Rick Stambaugh, just came out with a Spotlight Power Trader Tradeplan bundle, 30 of his best tradeplans.

They were made available to our SPT and Inner Circle communities.  To find out more, send me an email at

These swing trade plans fit within our backpack trader theme because they literally only require a few minutes per day.  Trading abroad has never been easier, so take advantage of it!

Life is too short to miss out on this:

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Written by Troy Noonan
Troy has been with NetPicks since 2006 and has more than 17 years of extensive trading experience in forex, futures and stocks. He has hosted a successful live traderoom for 13 years and created some of Netpicks most successful trading strategies, used by thousands of traders in over 110 countries. He is passionate about his work, which includes teaching others the art (and science) of trading.
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